ClubCar - Onward

The Ask: Showcase the Club Car “Onward” PTV’s fun identity and inspire emotional connections among a strategically selected target audience.

The Answer: Convince busy parents that the Onward is a means to countering life’s rapid pace so they can savor the sweetest moments of a fun, leisure lifestyle. Onward to Leisure Thrills: Turn typical moments into fun, leisure ones.

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Social Media Short Films

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Instagram Stories

TikTok Challenge #ChipOnward

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Kick off the TikTok challenge with a professional golfer, and encourage users to get involved and film their own #ChipOnward shot. This will also create user-generated content which can be compiled for social media and Youtube. From chipping skills to epic fails, choose fun and Steer Onward with Club Car.

Print Collateral

Print collateral that can be placed as banners, single-page magazine prints, golf shop posters, and more. 

Warped Calendar

The calendar that would be a physical piece of merch that would be available to both dealers and consumers. It would appear to condense the early part of the week, then expand the weekend days to make room for plans for an eventful, leisurely weekend.

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Radio Spot

This radio spot is a depiction of how your onward can take you away from the hustle bustle of everyday life.By capturing familiar cringe-worthy sounds, we were able to create a auditory transition from stress to leisure, at the turn of a key.

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Meet the team

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